Sunday, June 24, 2012

Check Out This Neat Place I Found #1 - the Orangery

In my more free days I had the wonderful gypsy habit of just turning down side roads on the way home or out somewhere just for the sheer joy of discovery. It's the "ronin" part in the ronin menschery that is life. It has been a seriously long time since I simply did this, though. I seem to have approached adulthood without warning, and now domresponsible things like head straight home. The other night Bob and I struck out for a bit of whimsy and decided to have ice cream for dinner. It led to a trip to Crazy Cones, which has awesome soft serve and other stuff. So we were already in a mindset of being not adults at all. As we were headed back home there was a tiny sign hanging by the side of the road in gold script that said "The Orangery". It was pretty and small and had never been there before,mso I was intrigued. After a quick talk about being able to look it up online, I decided we were rightt frickin' there, wheeled the car around and took the underpass under the traintracks in to wholly undiscovered territory. The property us beautiful, consisting of a large crumbling stone building (perhaps a barn at one point), a creek, and a beautiful house that seemed to mirror both Colonial and Victorian influences. It had urns with ferns on the front walkway like you might see at an estate. And the place is surrounded by trees and grass and ferns, so it feels secluded despite train tracks and a subdivision nuzzling up to the periphery. A check of the website - The Orangery - shows that it is Italian food, leaning toward Tuscan style. The menu sounds amazing. There is only ONE seating an evening, Thursday through Saturday which you absolutely must make reservations for. Both signs on the driveway stressed BY RESERVATION ONLY in large gold letters. So they're serious about it. The entire setup leads me to the conclusion that you dress up for this place, possibly with a tie. We'll be trying it out this summer ourselves, but if you beat us to it, let me know ifnit was as awesome as it looks?

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