Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And now for something completely.... Representative of the usual around here.

This blog can swing toward unnecessary emo-ness some times. In the future I am going to try to focus more on things I'm making and cool things I've found. For instance, I'm about to try my hand at video game creation. It's on the list of creative things I want to cross off the bucket list, which is populated a great deal by things that would take a long time to complete. I'd really lost the drive to take on some of these things (and forgotten, derp) and was settling in to a rut of complacency. What can you expect to see?
 -a walk thru on constructing a few different kinds of portable sketch kits for artists that have little room or need it to be discreet
 -a song! Yes! I am going to play guitar and sing because an audience is an audience, whether the eyes be digital or organical.
 -a few attempts at video game creation along with at least one post crying about how I accidentally overwrote all of my code. Because let's face it, I am forgetful AND overzealous and those two don't mix.
 -I am determined to write a Mod for Minecraft. Not a skins pack, a MOD. It. will. happen.
-my sewing projects! It is ridiculous to not know how to sew garments on a machine when I can frikkin' make YARN from stuff stolen off an animal's back.
-public arts.... And perhaps some uncommissioned urban art after I get the gear together.
 -my graphic novel(s) becauseIi want more than anything to create these things. I have 2 ideas dancing around that haven't left me alone so obviously they need creatin'
-work on getting some short stories out there. I love to write, and want to at least try to get a few out there.
-other random nifty bits that pop up and catch my attention, as they are wont to do. I can't believe 10,000 sets of eyes have read this stuff. Thanks for reading, and I'll try to make it worth your time going forward!

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