Thursday, June 21, 2012

Check Out This Music I Found #1 - Jubilants

In an effort to spruce things up and uphold my promise be a little more cheerful with the content, I am starting.... THIS! This, specificallly, is an attempt to share neat stuff I saw or listened to or just stumbled across (I'm looking at you, Boston street art). Although right at this moment, we are talking music. Now, I can tell you little factually about these guys except they have 2 cds out, and they are from Australia. In terms of my personal take on their music, i love the sound! Obviously, yes? Or I wouldn't be sharing it. They are rsther mellow, and don't bury the guitar and drums under a lot of funky synthesizer crap to sound "cute". Vocals are pretty smooth, lyrics are nothing uncommon. This stuff would work great while on a roadtrip or if you were hosting a party and needed background music. I have heard these guys refered to as "hipster music", so if that's not your thing you should steer elsewhere. If you dig The indie thing, this is probably your sound. You can enjoy more of their goodness at Enjoy!

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