Monday, December 14, 2009

Bento Escapades volume #4

I am seriously proud of this one, folks. This one ROCKS. It rocks so hard, when my coworker glimpsed it they were immediately made to have hunger and dashed to grab something to gnaw on, even knowing it would be horrible and unfulfilling in comparison to my super awesome bento lunch.

First off, let me show you my newest darling, The Miffy Box!
As you can see, it is a two-tiered bento box with clamps and handles and adorned with Miffy the dutch bunny rabbit. Miffy is awesome. I fully intend to enjoy the bajeebers out of this thing, because there's LOTs of room to do totally creative stuff. In this case I decided that I really wanted to make a theme of fruit; then upon seeing how much rice I accidentally made last night, I changed it and decided I would make it cherry blossoms instead.
The cool thing about this is that I have gone to great lengths to make sure I can do clever things like disguise items as fruits using leaf-shaped picks, and rice presses that'll smash perfectly good rice in to whatever shape you can find. So I broke those out and reduced 6 tomatoes to 2 sets of twin "cherries" w/two loners, 4 rice balls shaped like sakura blossoms, a cherry-shaped sauce bottle full of shoyu sauce (aka Japanese soy), and then stuck the remaining falafel balls we had on the leaf picks as well. That transformed them in to berries of a sort. I lined the whole top part with lettuce, and it looked just awesome. I can't believe how well it turned out, in fact.
The bottom layer was a cup of hummus, a stack of carrot sticks and a few clusters of grapes. A lot of fruit and veg, not a lot of fat. It's an awesome lunch. It's also a bit too big, unfortunately. I find myself unable to finish it.
This is the kind of thing I've been hoping for, to be able to make something that looks wonderful and gets you excited about eating it. I've been thinking all morning about it, in fact, and eagerly awaiting prying it open. I couldn't resist popping it open to tame a few quick shots, honestly, then reluctantly closed it back up.
Pictures of Bob's bento will be forthcoming. I didn't have a chance to download them from the camera when I took the pictures of them last night. I couldn't sleep, it was very late, and I decided I would just make some awesome lunches instead. His was a Christmas theme, so it looks very different from mine (and not what I intended at ALL, but oh well.)

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