Thursday, April 24, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere there's signs...

I like to walk along and see unusual things. I like to laugh at them. Then I like to continue on with my day with a smile, having been thoroughly amused by them. It's small moments like that which creep up on me and make me a generally happy person.

I wanted to share today's amusment, though, as it pretty much coagulates, epitomizes if you will, all of this in to a crystalline example of how this works.
I drive to work using I-76. It is a long stretch of cattle barriers made of slowly darkening gray cement. The only joy comes from the blooming of flowers and growth of trees and bushes on the banks that line it. Despite my best efforts, I get tunnel vision when I'm driving and tend to focus on whatever the biggest truck in front of me is.
When I get off at my exit, I tend to play dodge-cars with people who are attempting to exit far right from the far left turnstile and vice versa. In general this is where my brain knows to begin paying attention once more, so it flickers back to life and watches out for an overbearing bitch in a BMW, or some jackhole in a Lexus thinking his schedule means he can cut me off.
(I understand they are in a hurry and can't know that others around them are in the same scenario. People don't think that far ahead. I KNOW this. But I don't condone it. Sometimes people should look outside the box a touch.)
Anyway, dodge-em cars. I was in the midst of playing them and breathing to remain calm and in my moment when I look up to the bridge abutment ahead. It has a standard sign on it, rectangular in shape, with diagonal alternating black and yellow lines on it. A very simplified way of saying "Hey, watch out. This is a wall and your car can't go through it." You've seen them before everywhere even if you don't remember they were there.
As we all roll along and finally form in to a neat line I notice that someone has done something to the sign. In silver marker, they have written "pants!" in one of the black areas, on a diagonal just like the black line.
And sitting there looking at that, seeing that someone had gone out of their way to put that on the sign in a place where probably thousands of people would look at it, but not see it at all, made me smile and laugh. So did the sentiment. Who knows why they chose pants to celebrate? In the end, who really cares? It was completely serendipitous, it was bright silver in the morning sun, and I grinned at the whole thing.

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