Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Actual Conversation

Robert: btw tangent. I just agreed to go to lunch with the OCTalk people on Thrusday, i must remember that.
me: Okay.
You're going to lunch on Thursday.
And it's with the OCTalk people.
Robert: Thank you, sweetheart. Where would I be without you?
me: Boston.
Robert: Not entirely true, but okay, it's as good a place as any. [nose smile]
me: I imagine you would be a philosopher king enjoying chowder while watching the seagulls circle the lazy breezes of spring over the dark of Boston's Bay.
And in a moment of deep introspection, shake your head and laugh at some aspect of humanity, then wash down your mirth with a sip of chardonnay.
Robert: lol
me: >.>
Robert: You are eloquent and evocative, my love. You make good word pictures.
me: ^_^
I has a head!
It makes them!
Robert: nods and pats your brilliant head

~And such is the stuff of my general IMs.

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