Saturday, September 3, 2011

Actual Conversation #100 -wherein lifetime accumulations of words are covered.

Bob: I found this website that tests your vocabulary. It says that I know 29,000. You need to take this, I want to know what you get.
Me: What's the website?
Me: Okay, one sec.
Me: Is there a "select all" button for this first part?
Bob: *chuckle*
*still testing*
*Bob looks over shoulder*
Me: Crap. What does 'strop' mean? Now I gotta look that up.
Bob: AFTER the test!
Bob: What the heck does inveigle mean?? How do you know that??
Me: It means to make stuff vague.
*testing, hits submit*
*mutual blink*
Bob: 36,200 words??
*I blink again*
Me; I has wordz!
Bob: Bob read good, but Helen read gooder!

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