Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Costumes/Lingerie

I'd had it in my head that I was going to write this big, long rant about the massive differences between women's and men's halloween costumes. As in...Men then to have a lot of clothing, it covers there entire body. It is moderatly well sized for them and generally they don't have to worry about their junk magically popping out if they bend over to pick up something.
For example, these:

Here we have a perfectly acceptable ghostbuster and wizard costume. Nothing's overly tight, nothing's revealing. If you showed up in this, people would laugh and go wow, that's kinda cool, where's Ecto One? (Or where's the hobbits in the case of the latter.)
But when women go Halloween shopping, this is what we have to deal with. The following are the female versions of the same costumes.

First off, if you bend over the whole world is going to see Victoria's not-so-secret secret, and why does the cleavage have to be showing like that? Is Halloween just about being oversexed and slutty these days?
When I went out looking for costumes I noticed that a great deal of women's costumes were low cut, slit up the thigh, or so short you probably shouldn't bend over in them. I can see wearing something like this for your significant other to goof around, but as something that's supposed to be seen by the general public? It leaves me puzzled why costumers think that the holiday is better when tarted up a bit.
And furthermore, the ONLY female wizard costume I could find was Hermione-turns-18. Why a student?? Why isn't there something out there to dress up like Professor McGonagal? That would sell out in a flash!
So anyway...I was going to write this long rant and then after deciding not to I thought I would just point out the obvious...costume companies are run by men. Mine was homemade with a one dollar bottle of blood, a $4 sweater from Good Will, a torn pair of stockings and a borrowed skirt. And I got compliments for looking excellent. Whereas somewhere out there some girl dressed as a wizard was dealing with frostbite on her décolletage and derrière. And I'm going to bet they didn't get nearly the attention I did this Halloween Season.
Happy All Saint's Day and El Dia de los Muertos.


Anonymous said...

Now I feel all backward and dirty for enjoying those costumes.... I'm okay with that.

Seriously though, I've always thought it was more that society as a whole thinks the female form is beautiful and should be seen, while the male form is hairy and awkward and should never be observed unless under strict circumstances.

More toga and gladiator costumes for men I guess!

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