Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Check Out This Thing I Found - YouTube Edition #2

We like science in my house. A LOT. And while I had a rare moment to troll Youtube the other day, I discovered lots of lovely sciency goodness on there along with one of my old faves (which I probably linked before but whatever, she's awesome and I do what I want).
But first, allow me to show you my offspring currently.
She is quite adorable. We spend a lot of time together, since I'm Mom and I stay at home now to take care of her.
I love Mom and Evie time.

She seems to be teething already, poor girl. :(

I am fairly sure I've told you of my love of Vi Hart before, but just in case not allow me to link a video of her to you.
If I had a teacher who could've explained the maths to me in this fashion, I probably never would've had a problem. I also particularly like her anti-Spongebob's-house rant she goes on.

A few others I found:
SmarterEveryDay with this gem -

Veritasium with some awesome bits -

And one of my fave finds, MinutePhysics, which teaches you concepts of physics with short little videos. Thusly -

So there you have it, internet. Go get yourself smarter for the New Year!

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