Friday, October 18, 2013

Then This Happened

One week ago yesterday, actually. Everyone say hello to Eve, whom I adore even though she caused me the most pain I have ever experienced in my life.

Born 8 lbs, 4 oz. and 21 inches long with a full head of white-blonde hair, she was the talk of the maternity ward. Nurses would sneak in just to take a look at her after hearing about her. In fact, during delivery, the doctor and nurses stopped what they were doing to stare the second her head started showing because of that shock of blondeness. Everywhere we go people stop and stare and comment on it, because it's so rare to see a newborn with hair like that.

I love to stroke her head and her cheeks while she nurses and I actually love burping her because she just collapses over my arm in a warm lump, sometimes falling asleep that way if it takes too long.

Right now we're working on getting her mild jaundice down and figuring out why she screams for 3 hours every night -although an experiment last night with a hall light on and some white noise looked really promising, she slept the whole night without the banshee shrieking of the previous 3 nights.

I love this small thing. I knew she was coming for 9 months on an intellectual level, but there was something about seeing her in person that just took my breath away. I have urges to hold her and I miss her if it's been too long since we hugged. It's all so new for me, and it's amazing how comforting she is even at a tiny 1 week in age.

Anyway, I wanted to share. This is my project round up. All else are on hold for now, for very good reason.

I love you, Eve.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! she is adorable :D