Monday, September 10, 2012

My Facebook Sangria Recipe

This is an amalgam of something like 6 different recipes I read online along with using what we had on hand.
(and it's called Facebook because I posted it to Facebook for friends before coming here. Seemed catchy. Go with it.)

~one bottle red wine (we used Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet)
~2.25 cups Orangina
~3 (or possible more. *whistles*) shots of triple sec
~1 orange, sectioned
~2 limes, sectioned
~1.5 lemons, sectioned
~2.5 tablespoons of turbinado sugar, because that's all we had.

~Pour entire bottle of red wine in to pitcher. Follow up with Orangina and Triple Sec. Stir.
~squeeze sectioned orange in to pitcher, being wary of seeds. Drop rind and pulp in to mix.
~Squeeze sectioned limes in to pitcher, same deal. Drop rind and pulp in to mix.
~Squeeze lemons.... you get the idea.
~Add the sugar and give it a thorough stir with a wooden spoon so as not to cause havoc with the acidity and a metal spoon.
~Let the entire thing sit in the fridge overnight.
(A few recommendations for what to do during this time - microwave and consume bacon. Read part of House of Leaves. Watch bad 2 am porn on Cinemax. Harass a pet. Fold laundry.)
((Just kidding, don't fold laundry.))
(Go to sleep.)
~Stir again in the morning thoroughly to mix everything up and distribute the now dissolved sugar. Then, if you're proper, let it hang out until the afternoon and give it a final stir before serving over ice. If you're normal, just throw that shit over ice and start drinking.

Hope you guys enjoy it! I'm loving it! I'll have to make it again.

And of course, if that's too sour or too sweet, adjust to your liking.

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