Saturday, September 22, 2012

Check Out This Thing I Found -2nd Artwork Edition

I'm probably really slow to the party with this, but courtesy of Tumblr I discovered this website called Colossal that deals in visual art.
Of course, being an artist, I was all up in that. It has some amazing shit.
But I was not prepared for this...
The Glass Beach at Fort Bragg, California.

And a quick picture of the awesomeness for your edification.

I am happy that this is a thing, even if it came to be out of horrible circumstances. It's proof that accidents can create beautiful things just as much as intention can.

Another story on the site talked about an artist that created works by cutting them out of leaves. It is phenomenal, in the utmost accurate sense of the word. Please behold....

There are so many more amazing works to be seen, just clicky here for the article!

People are awesome. I love when they do stuff like this.

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