Thursday, August 16, 2012

Something to Believe In, or, We Heart Nikola Fucking Tesla

There are times when the Unholy Ghost comes to sit on my chest and I can see it hovering in the doorway like that cousin you were told to include at the family gatherings... and I laugh at it and tell it to go away because I have discovered something being done by mankind that is SO awesome, I can't help but be in awe and in love with the entire human race and the Unholy Ghost can gain no footing on me that day.
This is it.
Nikola Fucking Tesla might've been batshit crazy, but he was amazing. Amazing deserves a museum. The fact that The Oatmeal put together a crowdsourced fundraiser to get this to happen was amazing enough. Behold, the effort to support Wardenclyffe at left!

But then something happened that was even more amazing. The internet responded with the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for flashmobs and free beer. By the time I got to a computer where I could make a donation ($100, because I believe in this and I want to see this shit happen) it was at $122,000 dollars. That was perhaps 8 hours after the initial announcement went up.
When I went back last night it was at $230,000 and jumped by $4,000 in the course of 20 minutes while I was vacillating between watching that update and wasting my time seeing faked ghost videos on YouTube. It was exciting to say the least.
At the time of this blogging, 9:30am on the 16th, it's at $323,000. In the space of time since I began typing this, it jumped by $1,500 dollars! That is ASTOUNDING to me.
In fact, I just refreshed and we're staring at the front side of $325,000 now. In the course of 10 minutes.
A friend of mine pointed out smartly that it hasn't even hit the major news outlets yet, this is all just based on word of mouth and those who subscribe to Oatmeal's fansites. When it hits CNN, it's going to EXPLODE.
Internet, you are fierce and scary and passionate, and when you love something you love it HARD. I am in awe of you and the amazing things you can do for others when you know about it and care.

(I don't think we're getting more apathetic as a society. I think there is so much going on we can't know about everything. If we did, we would care, and we would right all the wrongs.)

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