Friday, August 10, 2012

My Delivery (Admittedly) Needs Work

-or, this could be an actual convo but I'll tag it later...

Me: *walking in to office while staring at news feed on iPad* Baby?
Bob: Yeah?
Me: David Rakoff?
Bob: From This American...
Me: So we saw him at the live show they did earlier this year?
Bob: Yeah. He was fighting cancer.
Me: well..... He's not anymore...
Bob: *turns in his chair to look at me, somewhat incredulous*
Bob: He's dead?
Me:...... Y....... Y... *giving up and nodding*
Bob: Is that really how you decided to tell me about that?
Me: it was on Facebook posted by This American Life and I wasn't sure, and...... Huh.
Bob: *stares* Really??

RIP David Rakoff. We enjoyed your stories. You enjoy your break.

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You Don't know Joe said...

I feel as this needs a rim shot in the middle