Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blah. (I has an eloquence)

We are hip-deep in to August and I have done very little in the way of blogging. I am sorry, or else you are welcome, depending on the camp you're in.
Right now so much of my time and energy went in to creating the first half-dozen videos for my web series.
I suppose I should link it, were I responsible enough to consider getting it a viewership.
But it's Jessiebellespeaks on Youtube, and I'm hoping to make it a random little horror series that touches on a few weird things. Ohhhh the plans I have. *rubs hands together gleefully*
In other news, I find myself being unusually tired and cranky again. I try to get enough sleep and enough to eat and I find my mood is all over the place in spite of trying to take care of things properly. But the strange little visual hallucination bits are popping back in to my life, to the point that I am again becoming concerned. The lack of mental prowess is also asserting itself. I'm wondering if it's a cycle thing, a hormonal thing, or just a plain exhaustion thing. Maybe it's an I'm Fucking Sick of My Job Thing, because I suddenly realized I've spent 10 years answering phones and I don't want to anymore.
Speaking of which, I have checked Craigslist for artsy type jobs. Looks like photographers and graphic designers are in demand. Girls who can sketch stuff out pretty good? Not so much. I have no idea how to proceed, I just know I want ot od something that will get me off the phones and working with markers and pencils and a tablet stylus in my hand.

That's about it for now. If I don't go too crazy, I'll fill you in later about my hawt date Friday at the Orangery, and a trip to Longwood Gardens to see the light installations they have there. :)

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