Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Creating Things for Fun and (Non)Profit

Sometimes you just have to go for things.

I bought some flip-style handheld cameras. I am very in love with all of the slenderman video series out on the internetz (but specifically YouTube) and kept thinking "I should do one of my own". But I was a bit freaked out because I have no experience editing or shooting video. I also didn't have an idea of what to do on my own that was a different take on the whole mythos.
It popped in to my head last night, and I've been seriously excited about the idea ever since.
This is on top of my whole yarnbomb/uncommissioned art thing, sewing myself new clothes, creating a video game, keeping up with the blog, AND taping myself playing guitar. ALL of this shit is going to go down, I will make it so. Hell, I'm already making it so.
I love having multiple projects going at once, and they can all mesh together in my head, which is even better. Multi-tasking hobbies and projects are the BEST.

Trust me, I'll be posting video clips here when they are ready to go. I guess I should get another blog. I should also probably never allude to that blog again over here. Heh.

I'm excited, so is Bob. Gonna work on writing up an outline for this and the general idea for things to keep a flow going and know where to keep my focus. Will it get many views? Probably not. But it'll probably be damned fun to attempt and it's always useful to know how to do video editing.

In other news, my yarnbomb projects are going along swimmingly. I feel like I'm really accomplishing things even though they're all small. The more I clear out the creative backlog, the better I'm finding my memory getting. Some of my absolute oldest projects are almost finished, and I find now that I've cleared up the mental space, a lot more creative ideas have popped in.

I should post a band or something but right now I can't think of a band that stands out. Maybe later today when I'm less distracted by making breakfast and trying to create a web series.

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