Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Check Out This Music I Found #3 - Ukelele Songs by Eddie Vedder

Yours truly plows through a LOT of music, to the point that sometimes I know once I've found something awesome and new that I love, I cry because I will never be able to devote a solid afternoon's attention listening to it to commit the lyrics to memory. I have 2 apps and 4 different internet stations pouring the awesome in to my ear holes, to the point I could probably do 2-3 of these a day and not run out of fodder for a good month.

To that end, I try to post those things that affect me in some fashion. There's fun background music to have going, and then there's the stuff that gets your pulse going or tears your heart out of your chest, throws it to the floor and stomps it flat. And you love it for having that affect because it's cathartic or exciting. For a second you're young again, or you remember something buried in your brain. Music is amazing for making us realize what's within us no matter where or when we encounter it.

I have been listening to Vedder ever since he came screaming across my teenage radio with "Once" waaaay back in that ancient time of the 90's when grunge was being regarded with confusion and suspicion on the music scene. It is safe to say that Pearl Jam is one of my all time favorite bands. So when I came across this batch of songs done solo by Mr. Vedder on -of all things- the lowly ukelele, I dove in to them so hard I got a red mark on my cheeks. And I'm glad I did. It's amazing, emotional, and the ukelele is the perfect accompaniment to what he sings about. His voice is almost timorous in these songs, like he's letting a secret out. Or perhaps it's so personal it's scary to speak the words. It just works, and an electric guitar or even an acoustic guitar would've stomped the nuance of that flat. One must also give props to him for using what is normally a joke prop for a serious music endeavor and still render unto the world a batch of songs that are still strong. A few of these could quite conceivably still be blasted on a radio on the strength of the vocals alone. That's why I heart this stuff so. damn. much.

My favorite song from the album, Broken Heart. The sound is a little low, apologies, but it is worth it to turn it up.

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