Monday, May 21, 2012

Actual Conversation #111 - the probability of God being in our midst

Joe: R. ( a coworker) is nuts
Me: I tuned him out. what's he talking about?
Joe: starting his own religion
Me: *laugh*
Me: It's not that hard.
Me: You incorporate and then apply for clergyhood, actually.
Joe: he wants to be the diety
Me: He's in the wrong state. That calls for California.
Joe: well with all the rampet pot use
Me: Yup.
Me: I met some crazy people in cali.
Me: Including one that thought he was the second coming of Jesus.
Joe: never been
Me: he asked me to edit his manifesto
Joe: did you
Joe: I would have
Me: Briefly.
Me: But then he got a little insane on me, very pushy that I devote ALL of my time to it.
Me: And at the time I was homeless and trying to clean houses so I could eat.
Me: The second son of God didn't pay too well
Joe: yeah but he could have provide for you
Joe: turn water into wine
Me: He was not to the point of turning water in to wi.....
Me: I love that we both went there.

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