Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Very Victorian Sensibilities Shall Not Overcome!

I have done MANY many things outside my comfort zone thus far, though I did not specifically document them. I’ve taken every opportunity to review and decide it if would be a good growth area to push more on, or a decent and credible fear to have. It’s the pausing before acting and reflecting that is proving the most important part of this exercise.
I have:
~asked for help even though I was afraid it would make me look weak/stupid
~talked with people I did not know and found the public in general to be very pleasant to deal with
~worn a skirt (I am wary of baring my legs in public for some reason, though I look sorta cute in skirts)
~tried new foods I wasn’t sure I would like
~taken a different route on foot or by car to get somewhere even though it made me anxious, just to see what I could discover
~talked with people about things I normally shy away from out of fear I might offend someone (It turns out most people are a lot more easy going than I thought)
~talked openly about something I was passionate about, even though I was terrified someone might belittle me.
~committed to having a large social event at my house.
It is just a matter of constantly putting these things in to practice and pushing the envelope wider and wider until it’s not an envelope anymore. It’s an approximation of limits where it’s good to stop before your freedom to act makes others very uncomfortable.
I am really damned ready to stop being afraid of people. This is starting to feel like WIN to me.

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