Monday, March 5, 2012

Actual Conversation 107 - where we explore deviousness brought on by yarn.

(Entire exchange done via cell phone textness)
Me: So I, uh I miht have purchased the Zombie Barbeque yarn from Lorna's Laces.
J: Drooooool
Me: Yeah, it'll be hard not to immediately cast on when it gets here.
J: Any plans for it?
Me: Socks. Purely Socks. I need more anyway.
J: Lol. You can never have too many.
Me: True. Mebbe should finish a few first, though.
J: I'm kind of in the same boat. Lol
Me: I don't know a single knitter that isn't. :)
J: I have 2 pair going. And, neither are for me.
Me: That is a damn shame. You should totally fix that ratio.
J: I know. But, I don't have enough needles!
Me: They sell them. In stores. I have seen it.
J: But, I could use that money for more yaaaaaarrrrnnnn!
Me: But it's a good return on investment. The yarn disappearsi n to another thing, but the needles always stay needles!
J: Snort. Now, don't get all logical on me. Lol
J: Gah! You are right!
J: On both counts. :)
Me: ^_^

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