Tuesday, June 15, 2010

With her nine inch nails....

I had a bit of a fallback when one of my nails split during my commencement ceremony. Far away from my nail kit and without even a nail file to save me.. I bit. Deeply.
But only one! The rest of them, when I realized I was starting to get antsy about their length, I trimmed back to where they were thicker and not so flimsy (I have a very bad habit of running my lower teeth under my nails when I’m thinking, which weakens and thins them). Thus abated, they were able to continue on undisturbed.
Also helping out is the fact that I now have some more natural looking nail polish colors, stuff besides blaring bright pink or super shiny gold (picked out online, I did not realize what the colors looked like when I got them!) So now I can have fun cleaning off the old lavender frosty stuff that matched the dress I wore to commencement and put on some real-ish color that isn’t distractingly pearlescent.
I note I tend to nibble when stressed, so more meditation is in order as well as general breathing exercises. That ties in to another goal I’ve got, so that’s just dandy with me.
I’m excited that I’ve gone this far. I intend to keep going until I have a set that comes just to my fingertips and keep them there diligently. I may even get a french manicure to celebrate it when it occurs.

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