Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May was not the month for this

So I guess I shall try it again another month. Maybe limit myself to VERY short stories this time.
The problem crept in when I was starting to come up with longer and longer story ideas and realized that I wouldn’t finish them in a day. (nor did I truly have time given my programming classes and due homework.) When that realization struck, I was immediately disheartened and put the story down. I have 3 stories that are decent that are half-finished waiting for me out in the ether because of this very event.
It’s crap. I know it’s crap. I’m going to pick up the stories and finish them. Something about not having the pressure of doing a story a day anymore makes it more acceptable to finish the short story at my own pace.
Interestingly, since I started doing this, stories that I was working on have begun to demand my attention again. Things I haven’t touched in 3 years are waving their hands wildly telling me there are new things to be done with them. I love the thought of being able to sit down with them again. They were good characters, I don’t want to abandon them. Someone else might even enjoy them as I do once I’m done telling their story.
All in all, this has been a good experiment. I think redone with some limits, like it can’t be more than 500 words, would be better and better practice. IT would definitely get the creative juices going to stay within a limit.
It will have to wait, though. (Or perhaps not, if they’re all very short stories!) as June is Sketch-a-Day month. This is my attempt to do 30 drawings to improve my drawing skill. I am trying the carousel method of improving my skills since there’s just too damned many in my arsenal half-developed to really devote time to day by day… Perhaps once they’re a bit better I can rotate weekly, or make room for them every few days. But for now… writing will be done as often as can be remembered while working to improve the sketchies ability. I need both to do what I’m hoping to do in the future, so this is a happy medium for the moment.

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