Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June down!

While I’d intended to do a lot more, it turns out that actions taken in the past moved forward today and made it so that I was charitable several times in the last few days.
I discovered Kickstarter courtesy of an acquaintance who asked people to help back her friend’s art magazine she was trying to set up. I took a look, loved what I saw and loved her concept, and threw some money her way. The only thing was, it had to build and rely on the generosity of others, so I wouldn’t know until much later if she would be successful it gaining the funds for the venture. It turned out that she was, and I’m excited to see what comes out from the artists she showcases. I love indie art venues and projects and the new things you’ll see and experience when you don’t go through “official” channels.
Well, after I saw that I realized that there was a world of other projects on Kickstarter hoping for funding just like it. In them had to be some other awesome and amazing ideas, so I began to browse around.
I found a snow cone stand using all natural herbs and fruits for flavorings asking for funding, and an independant horror film that needed funds. So I bellied up to the bar and dropped some coin in their coffers, hoping that both ventures would prove successful.
As of today it appears that not only are both successful, they have both bypassed their original goals. For the snow cone folks it will allow them to fix up an old ice cream truck for use, and for the horror movie it’ll give them a bit more wiggle room for props, costumes, equipment, etc…
The charge for the snowcone stand went through yesterday, which is how I found out that they’d succeeded. This led me to check my other project I was backing, and then discovered that the horror movie would be a go as well.
It feels good to have helped others out to achieve a goal and a dream. Really that was the entire point of this goal, to help out others and help them do something in their lives, or take a major worry out of their life so the energy could go elsewhere.
My only regret is that I did not fund the book-mobile. Being driven around in a bike with a cab for an hour with access to a library sounded utterly awesome. We didn’t have the money at the time. I have my fingers crossed that they did just as well as the others.

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