Monday, May 10, 2010

Starting today, I am officially refusing to live a normal life. I have too many things I want to do, and having a standard 9-to-5 with a dog and a lawn mower doesn't quite cover it for me. These things I would love to come home to, but I'm going to do more. Lots more. There's no way to set a timeline on it, but these projects sitting around in my head, with each one that I do I release more creative energy. Eventually I'll have no choice but to jump on these and finish them and see what becomes of it.
Rather vague? Yeah. But I'm trying not to jinx what I want to do by defining it too much. I just can't become a housewife with a job at a desk forever and ever... at least, not one where I'm not writing or drawing.
Randomness, but it felt like it needed to be set down in writing. I find that things move more quickly and it sticks in the brain pan far more easily. It's now a goal. I'm only doing things to shoot for my goal going forward, and screw being uncomfortable or not knowing what to do. I'll learn.

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