Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting there!

Today a TON of new clothing arrived. Managed to snag multiple very cute t-shirts from the sales racks at different online shops. They’re all very clean cut, very pretty and very feminine. And even though they’re mostly T-shirts, I thoroughly believe it’s possible to be elegant even when wearing bluejeans.
I’m going to go through and empty out every old piece of clothing that has a stain, a hole, or something else in it that makes me feel ratty or ghetto when wearing it, and I’m going to throw out or donate it depending on the state of the item.
From here on out I am only keeping and wearing clothing that makes me feel beautiful, feminine and well put together. Today was a huge step towards that goal.
Following on this I’m going to work on the other things that go along with looking put-together… Going to throw out any makeup that’s older than 2 years (I have some things from college. Ew.) and culling my jewelry collection as well. Then i’ll be replacing it with newer, subtler shades (sorry, panic purple lipstick!) Also, going to FINALLY learn how to put on eye makeup, since the only way I ever learned involved black eyeliner and heavy kohl from the Middle East. That’s a very dramatic look that I can’t pull off anymore, much less want to. Best for belly dancing, aye… but not for the office.
I’ll also be looking for unique but timeless pieces of jewelry that could be worn with anything from t-shirts to dresses. That way they can be used over and over without having to worry about looking dated or formerly trendy/out-of-style. Having worked in a jewelry store before, it’s easy to see what styles stick around and which ones are going to disappear before the fall!
With all this going on, it’s my hope that I’ll be looking well put together and beginning to approach elegant in my every day wear. Part of this goal is to also feel more feminine, something I’ve been missing. And I think if I accomplish one, the other will follow. :)

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