Friday, April 23, 2010

Toycamera dreams

I’ve decided I do a decent job wielding my mighty Holga (and my iKimono, and my Fuji Instax, and my Diana F+) so I’m going to show that confidence by entering a few photo competitions this spring and summer. There’s a chance to win a truly nifty camera from Superheads, a bright pink Kamen Rider edition Blackbird Fly (I won’t pretend I don’t want a TLR that sexy).
I’ve already chosen the 6 images I want to send and bumped them down to 500 pixels. The next trick is to make sure that I submit them correctly so I don’t disqualify myself. I might have done that accidentally last year. :(
While I don’t know that the images are good enough to actually win the competition, I’d like the chance to have my work showcased somewhere and get feedback on it, and that’s what this will allow me to do. Can’t complain about that. :D

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