Friday, April 9, 2010

How to go on a road trip with no destination

"Reminds me of my old Gypsy days."

How I did it: I found myself looking out at a beautiful spring day with a driving need to be out in it, experiencing someplace new! So I grabbed the dog, put him in the passenger seat, and we drove off in a direction I'd never gone before! I specifically chose a length of rural highway where we would get to see trees and countryside and possibly see some older architecture and little towns that we drove through. I also made sure to remember specifically which roads I turned at, and tried to keep it simple by staying on marked state roads. The majority of the drive was along Lincoln Highway and the Octorara Trail, easy to follow back home.
The dog calmed down and just watched the road roll by after the first few minutes. We made our way in to some beautiful farmland and startled an entire flock of crows off the side of the road so that they rose like a wall of inky black. It was really neat.
Saw lots of horses, cows, and a cow that I originally thought was a brown bush until it turned it's head and I could see the antlers and the broad, pink nose. Had to laugh at that one, he was lying down and hard to identify!
Eventually we came back and I snagged hot dogs for myself and the puppy, who'd never had one before. I had to convince him to eat the actual hot dog and not just the bun, but he caught on. When he was done inhaling his, he stared at me while I ate mine and drooled. Well learned, puppy dog.
Only a few small things marred the trip. At one point the dog threw up from being motion sick, BUT... he did it neatly in to the cupholder, so the mess didn't get everywhere. Only downside was that this was where I'd put the leash before driving so I had easy access to it when we wanted to get out. So... yeah... the leash has some "residue." Ew.
I really enjoyed it, and enjoyed taking the dog with me. In the future, though, I may just go on my own since he always seems to throw up after about half an hour of driving. Best to leave him home while having fun and random drives, save traveling with him for when there's a direct route to somewhere he can get out and play.

Lessons & tips: ~if you go by yourself, make sure you have a way to get back, be it GPS or written notes.
~stop to take pictures! You'll find something totally neat while driving, I guarantee you! to that end, remember to bring a camera along!
~if you're taking a pet with you, make sure they can handle the car trip without being distracting or getting sick. If not, find a way to confine them where they won't become a nuisance as you drive, and give them the critter equivalent of dramamine for the motion sickness.
~Pick somewhere that you know will have a change of scenery. The brain feels refreshed when it encounters novelty and pretty landscapes; if you're suburban, go urban or rural. If you're urban, find the farmlands! If you're rural, go in to the city and pick up on that energy that can only come from a busy metropolis.

Resources: For this you need access to a car, and a map or GPS. Other than that... go!

It took me 1 day.

It made me restful!

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