Friday, April 30, 2010


Literally just force saved the final entry for the month and earned my albatross! I’m rather psyched.
Final entry was over 1350 words long, but I had a lot going on in my head. It felt good to close out the month with a nice long brain purge, since without the pressure of the challenge being on me I won’t probably remember to do it constantly every single day. Which is too bad, because I love my albatross and want him to continue to fly!
I really enjoyed this, not just because I got to vent my brain for 30 days straight and see the benefits, but also because it showed me that if there was any sort of external challenge, I rose to meet it. I now realize that I need to balance this and make my own personal internal challenges as important. Going forward I’m going to try to set one thing a month to do for myself, and reap the benefits from seeing it to fruition whatever it may be.
It’s like meta-data I didn’t even know was there, and that I can use to make into a fun little mini-game!
My next thing I’m going to try is to write one short story a day in the month of may. Can be anywhere from 5 words to several pages. But that’s for another entry.
I’m really happy for having accomplished this, for the insights it’s given me, and for the plans I have going forward.

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