Friday, April 9, 2010

April - Part One

Courtesy of Neil Gaiman on Twitter, I stumbled across the Guys Lit Wire and their book drive to get books to those in need.

The most recent drive is to help out with Navajo and Apache teens who are lacking books for their library.

For Ojo Encino I donated 2 books, for Alchesay I donated 3. Just knowing that these are going to be received and read excitedly gives me a huge warm fuzzy. Books fed me in my youth and formed a lot of who I am today. Passing that along to someone else and letting them explore worlds beyond this in between the covers of a book makes me smile BIG time.

If you want to help out as well – and really, there’s no good reason not to since it’s being done through the utterly awesome Powell’s City of Books, where most used paperbacks are $5 – you can check it out here:
Guys Lit Wire-Book Drop Event for Navajo and Apache Teens.

I would highly suggest just going to look at what they want to read and snagging even one book.

This is not the last of the deeds for April, this was just the first completed this month. :)

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