Friday, November 13, 2009

Like another hole in the head...

I have really done it now. I went and got myself another hobby in the middle of the tens of hundreds I already have (we may be able to say tens of thousands at this point, actually.) You see, I am often frustrated with throwing together a lunch and having it look like sloppy muck when I reheat it. With everything going on, Bob and I are both crazy-busy, and having something organized to eat would be nice.
So I did a bit of research and quickly determined that not only could bento be adorable, but it could also satisfy that part of me that always wondered "hey, is it possible to make a lunch that is both healthy AND face-meltingly adorable?"
The answer is yes. I give you exhibit A:

Now when you look at it, your first thought is well, awesome, it's Xmas themed and that's great for the holidays. Except it isn't. It's actually just an every day thing that people in Japan do. As you get older it's a little more stately, but when you're young Japanese moms tend to go all out to decorate lunches like their favorite cartoon characters or for seasonal things. I have seen some of the most gorgeous stuff in the world that would be an utter crime to eat.
So for this reason I'm collecting multiple tiny items for the purpose of making food art that will get us excited about eating vegetarian. I will apply my great artz and mad skillz to the creation of visual feasts of animal kindness, all inside tiny tupper wear containers taken to work each day. And it will make sure we have enough, that it's healthy, and that I'm poking my former blood-sugar issue in the eye with a stick each time I get to eat something shaped like Hello Kitty.
God help us with the cute explosion that's about to occur. God help us all.

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