Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bento Escapades, vol. # 1 -addendum.

Bob's lunch:

Composed of baby bok choy for dipping in the edamame hummus. Also for the hummus was a single whole-wheat mini pita cut in to quarters and artfully arranged. A collection of seedless green grapes and two cherry tomatoes on a sword-shaped pick (Yarrr!) finished up the main portion.
To make sure he had enough fruit there was a salad of strawberries and pineapple over which I layered three slices of star fruit/carambola that had been marinated in orange juice. To make sure he had enough dairy and protein, the green yogurt with honey was added.
I'm told it was all very awesome. I'm rather proud of this arrangement and hope to put together more like it in the near future. It was a lot of fun dropping a variety of items in there like that!

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