Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Actual Conversation #77 ~ where the importance of proper ascii art in conveying emotions is depicted.

me: <3
OUr love is like a triceratops
Docile, friendly, very large, and fucking awesome.
gru: Awwwww that's the sweetest thing evar!
me: I'm trying to figure out how to make an ascii triceratops now
gru: Yeah, got me.
me: )\)\
<'' }
gru: You tried though! :-)
me: ))\
{<'' }""""""")
This WILL happen
gru: I know it!
I believe in the power of our triceratops love!
Sent at 1:08 PM on Wednesday
me: .
<'' } }=~
* (_)---(_)
....close enough
And yes. I just spent 6 minutes on that
<'' }...........}=~
There we go!! WIN! FUCKING WIN! YES!
gru: NICE!!! \\O//

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