Monday, September 14, 2009

Actual Conversation #76 ~ wherein talk of man babies and men who act like babies is had.

me: Wow... the internet really hates Kanye West this morning.
gru: Lol, what he do now?
me: And rightfully so after reading the story.
Taylor Swift got an award last night over Beyonce.
Taylor Swift actually writes her own songs and creates the melody in the very least. She doesn't sing the songs of other people.
Kanye West jumped up in the middle of her acceptance speech, stole the mike, and started talking about how talented Beyonce was and how her video should have been the one to win.
Taylor Swift is still a teenager. He totally ruined it for her by being a dick.
gru: Wow, that it indeed being a total dick, yeah.
me: @joshuagates This Wednesday, tune in to Syfy for an all new epis...YO I'LL LET YOU FINISH, BUT BEYONCE HAD ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME...
Actual tweet.
gru: chuckles
me: I love Josh.
If you die, I will seek him out to have his strange car-destroying, animal-fighting man babies.
gru: I..have no response for that. Instead I will mention we now have pumpkin flavored coffee in the office.
me: Rock!

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