Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saw V

You know, I made this HUGE deal of going to see the fifth installment of the series and then just didn't write anything about it. How....weird.
Considering it was a completely epic night, I guess I was too wrapped up in it to really pay attention.
Long story short, we completely pwned Alien: Extinction in the lobby of the movie theater. Bob got 3rd for all time high score, and I got all time high score for damage to company property. Pardon me if I see a row of gasoline barrels and decide to use them to our tactical advantage. Geez. But it was very cool to get to put my initials in to the game.
We had dinner at Olive Garden, and I finally gave in and had coffee to wake myself up. I was constantly exhausted without it, and while I probably could've counteracted it by sleeping a full 8 hours for the past few days, it turns out I actually built my activity schedule around the ability to stay awake on less sleep thanks to caffeine. So I caved, had a cup of it with dessert, and was able to fully enjoy everything.
After Olive Garden we went to Barnes and Nobles and scoured the place for DVDs and fun looking books. They had a copy of Arkham Asylum there, which I fawned over and whimpered about repeatedly before finally putting it back on the Halloween display. I don't have a lot of friends, and what friends I ~do~ have aren't nearly so in to the mythos as I am. It would've been a waste of nearly $50.
Bob found a rather cool looking book called Death: A biography. He hasn't read it yet, but from the synopsis it seems fascinating. If he doesn't start reading it soon I'll nick it and read it myself.
I found a book on ghost haunting in West Chester (only about 5 miles from me now) so that seemed fitting to pick up. I also grabbed the next installment of Chibi Vampire. I'm up to 8 now, almost done with the series. There was no Tokyo Mew Mew or Bride of the Water God except for what I already had, so I had to content myself with my findings.
After we got fairly kicked out of there (the place closed at 11 pm) we made our way to the theater where Alien carnage ensued. After that we acquired popcorn and sodas, and watched the movie.
Now, as anybody who lives on the east coast and carries a pulse knows, the Phillies are in the World Series right now. Even myself, with as little interaction with the outside world, sports and the common man as i get, knows that this is occuring. So while we were in the theater there came a great many hoots and shouts of "GO PHILLIES!" from random twenty-somethings hyped to be there. Oh, and I should also mention this theater was PACKED.
In the midst of this I suppose someone got sick of people shouting about the Phillies and other inanities and stood up....and proceeded to recite a Shakespeare solilquoy. Loudly. Which one, I couldn't tell you. I only caught 3 words, although I swear "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" was in there under the heckling. He projected this to the back row, with perfect cadence (the main reason I recognized what he was doing, pretty sure it was iambic pentameter) and stood there for 3 minutes solid doing this. People hollered. People booed. Someone shined a laser pointer on his forehead. He kept going. And when he was done and sat down, two groups of people cheered... those happy that he shut up, and those happy that he actually pulled the whole thing off. It was a completely random and beautiful thing to have witnessed, and to boot, it shut people up from hollering about sports.
The movie. Hmmm....
Well, the puzzle/game he had everyone run through was brilliant. It presented itself as one thing but was really another, and came crashing home at the end. There was a lot of back story explaining how Jigsaw passed along his ideas and setup to others as he was dying, and that helped a lot in understanding a few things. But it just didn't have quite the Oomph that 3 or 4 did, and while there was a bit of a mindfuck, overall it wasn't like usual where Bob and I would immediately be compelled to go to a diner and tear apart the movie section by section for any clues or possibilities we might have missed. It just seemed to be cleaning up the first 4 movies, setting clues for the future, and getting ready to progress on.
If I am recalling this correctly, they are shooting Saw VI right now, and there is a script for VII and draft scripts for VIII. So that was sort of the awkward halfway point in the series, almost. It's like the movie that hits the teenage years and starts to grow fur in places they didn't before, the voice cracks, that kind of thing. They should mostly have it together when the next movie comes along next Halloween. I look forward to seeing that one with Bob as well. :)
Epic evening y'all. Honestly. It should be written in purple on my calendar!

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