Sunday, October 12, 2008

My cat's a helper.

In the midst of working on decorations for the Halloween Party that comes shortly, I was trying to stretch out the cheesecloth I'd been working to stain and age that will be serving as the majority mood-setting item throughout the house. Of course, when that much fabric gets in motion, Chaucer decides I surely mean to include him in the action.

When I was done stretching it, I left the room for a few moments to go grab something. When I came back, kitty was back in the middle of everything, helping to further "age" it by putting holes and claw-tears in it.
Normally I would freak. But at this point he can do better that way than I can with scissors. So for the first and last time, he got to trash it and I didn't holler at him to get out of it.

Shortly after this he celebrated by coughing up a hairball in our newly cleaned-out office closet. Well done, kitty.
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