Monday, October 6, 2008

Meaningful glances

It's definitely a special relationship when your boyfriend can look you deeply in the eyes and say with great feeling "Honey...please. Don't put mustard on the cat. He might get it on the couch."
I respect him as a man and as a solid, logical thinker. But in this case I feel I really made the right decision in putting mustard on the cat. The cat would not have tried it himself, and it kept him occupied and away from my sandwich while I tried to eat. In the end anybody would be forced to agree with my logic. He sighed and shook his head after I did it, and accepted that it happened. Because we have an understanding

Later that night we discussed why ant lions were the accountants of the animal kingdom. Then we laughed so hard we spit on each other by accident.

I'm sooo in love.

If this doesn't sound like your idea of a wonderful pairing, just remember... you can now be grateful you're not dealing with it. I keep this alllll for myself. :)

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