Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Games Galore

Little Big Planet is a fantastic game. Yes, in the beginning it's pretty much a weird hybrid of platformer and....RPG-esque thing, but it is utterly adorable and a blast to play. That you can control the thing using the sixaxis controller is great. That you can do that AND the hands just means that every time you finish a level "Jungle Boogie" MUST be danced.
The only downside is my accidental foray in to public indecency. I dressed up my little sackgirl in a cute striped bathing suit with pigtails and went cavorting off in the world with her.... unaware that a bathing suit in this game consists of two parts and she was running around without pants or underwear on for the better part of an hour. Ooooops. And they were worried about parts of the Koran being chanted in this thing....
Per usual we now have a dearth of games and it will be a while before all of them can be completed. Too Human is occupying Bob (I keep meaning to play it and getting distracted.) as is Fallout 3. We grabbed a copy of My Japanese Teacher for the DS to learn a bit more for the trip, but so far haven't even cracked it yet with all that's been going on. And me? I'm still in the middle of Braid, OTRPODS 1, The Legend of Zelda for DS, Pokemon for DS, and NOW we can add to it Super Mario Bros. for the DS. Also, on the way are Kuon and Call of Cthulu. Because I swear I will break this stupid fear of survival horror games!!!
While waiting in line for Fallout 3 I got started on the first part of God of War for the PSP. I miss how fun that game is, and I'm glad they scaled it down to a size that's portable. Only issue, I got stuck at one point battling a cyclops where the game completely froze up. I couldn't even powercycle the thing. I had to pop out the game and turn the PSP off. I seriously hope that doesn't keep happening or there will be issues. *sigh*
So.... yeah. Up to my ears in games. And this isn't even counting leveling up my new night elf rogue for WoW (oh crap, just remembered the expansion is coming out soon. >.< ) and a few other things. At this point I've decided the best course of action is to win the lottery so I can stay home and complete all of these things. By not finishing them, they're weighing heavily on my psyche and will eventually lead to a complete breakdown. Seems entirely logical when put in that perspective, ne?

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