Thursday, October 9, 2008

Actual Conversation # 31 - the particulars of what makes something priceless are revealed.

Ben: by the way
Helen: ya?
Ben: ive got you beat on funny last names
Helen: whut?
Ben: We've got an SAP consultant here named Rama Gottipati
Helen: What's that worse than and why?
Ben: its pronounced gotta potty
Ben: and its worse than Castrati
Helen: Well.... being that your male and saying that, it carries a bit of weight.
Ben: in hilarity factor
Helen: Hmm.
Helen: I would call that even, myself
Helen: But then, I think the concept of castrati is really, really funny. And you probably do not.
Ben: i think its funny if its not ME
Ben: stupid fucking kids
Helen: If they did it to you it'd be pointless.
Ben: they seriously dont realise the implications
Ben: if you let them become a MAN first THEN ask them to cut their nuts off
Ben: they will for sure say no
Helen: And never sing beautifully again!
Ben: yeah fuck that beauty shit
Ben: i want balls
Ben: my balls
Helen: I would assume this isn't an issue.
Ben: cant have my balls
Ben: definately not
Helen: ...
Helen: ..........
Helen: I did not request your balls.
Helen: Those may stay put.
Ben: cant have em
Ben: they are happy right where they are
Ben: happy balls
Ben: not separated from me
Helen: *sigh*
Ben: keep them that way
Helen: Once two monks were debating over what was the most precious thing in the world.
Helen: The master came along and overheard them both talking and laughed.
Helen: "Silly pupils," he said, "you talk of silver and gold and gems. You talk of enlightenment.."
Helen: "But none of these things is truly priceless."
Helen: "What is truly priceless then, master?" asked one.
Helen: "Ben Oven's balls. For he will not part with them. He will not tell you what they are worth because they are not for sale. Ergo, they are priceless."
Helen: And with this, the master continued down the hall and left them to ponder this wisdom.
Ben: .........
Helen: in the original story it was a cat's head, but somehow that seemed more apt. Also, I am now blogging all of this.

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