Wednesday, September 19, 2007

News Watch: Well done, Burma!

This week the Burmese government fired warning shots and threw tear gas at protesting Buddhist monks. Among the various reasons for their protest was the government's treatment of its citizens, along with the beating of several monks a few weeks ago after a similar protest. To add insult to injury the government closed down one of the holiest shrines and would not allow the monks to enter.
The whole thing apparently started over, rather interestingly, gas prices.
The irony of beating a monk who's protesting the governments brutality against protestors is so thick I don't really think I need to go much further. Suffice to say, picking on a Buddhist monk is like running over a kitten with a semi-truck.
However, a quick review of today's news shows the monks are back at it. That sort of determination and devotion to non-violent protest is something we really need to see more of in these times where people feel grievances should be solved with a car bomb.

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